Sabre GDS - we operate the New Sabre Red Workspace that integrates with airline NDC (New Distribution Channel). Sabre recently purchased Farelogix for even more content.


CCRA - Our 24-hour service that is contacted with the same CLIENT toll free number at LXR Travel. No codes or different phone numbers are necessary when calling.

Booking Builder

Booking Builder - integrated technology that direct connects to airlines and rail for web-only fares. These fares are then booked using the traveler’s profile and brought back into our reservation system for a complete itinerary (air, hotel, car) and to satisfy risk management


Profolio - a GDPR compliant profile management technology to collect new profiles and to update/modify in our Sabre GDS and in the online booking tool being used by the traveler. To be implemented in 1Q2019. Concur – Custom online booking tool now available to CLIENT if interested.


Concur - Custom online booking tool now available to CLIENT if interested.

Certify Enterprise

Certify Enterprise - a Custom CLIENT online booking site is set up with all CLIENT discounts and negotiated properties in the tool.

Conferma Virtual Payments

Conferma Virtual Payments - If interested, CLIENT can set up with their credit card provider a Conferma account for single use cards in lieu of faxed third party credit card authorization forms.


TripCase - A desktop or mobile app site that allows easy and real time access to itineraries, documents and other services


Groupize/strong> - Meetings and events sourcing and registration.


Virtuoso Air, Hotel, insurance, car - Our Virtuoso affiliation gives us access to more than 95 contracts on 65 airlines, plus private jet, car rental and travel insurance benefits. The Virtuoso hotel program provides benefits that can vary by property and experience, but generally travelers receive preferred rates at over 1,300 hotels in 100 countries, upgrades upon arrival (if available), Virtuoso-only amenities (spa credits, shopping credits, etc.), daily breakfast for two, and early check-in/late checkout.

CCRA Hotels

CCRA Hotels - the CCRA Global Preferred Hotel Program provides a full portfolio of over 42,278 hotel properties available with special negotiated rates in 259 countries.


SheildQ - Any personal information sent to LXR Travel is protected by SheildQ For PCI compliance, GDPR regulations and ISO 27001 certification. ShieldQ provides an automated way to accept, store, share and access uploaded faxes, documents and emails in compliance with the most stringent industry standards. With this cloud-based platform, we receive and manage sensitive data from various channels to their secure queue, via a dedicated fax number, a secure, embedded online document form, and a dedicated email address.

Risk Management

eTravel Technologies

eTravel Technologies - This is a Risk Management integration that satisfies both Duty of Care and Risk Management for all CLIENT travelers. When traveling internationally, travelers are given destination information for each country visited upon booking so they are informed on necessary items prior to travel. From booking to return travelers are notified of any real time situations that need their attention and LXR Travel can locate and communicate with any affected travelers during travel disruptions due to man-made, weather or disaster situations.

Focuspoint International

Focuspoint International - Per trip Crisis and Medical insurance is available to CLIENT travelers at a discount due to LXR Travel’s subscription.

Sabre GDS Spectra

Sabre GDS Spectra - Additional risk management and screening for affected travelers for weather delays/cancellations due to nature or technology outages. Affected travelers are contacted to give them options/new flights/accommodations.

MID Office/Reporting


Magnatech - This is technology that reviews and monitors every reservation for accuracy and ticketing. Rules can be written to customize any corporate travel policy. In addition this technology searches for and reports on unused tickets and exchanges.


iBank - This is our reporting technology and hundreds of reports are available and be customized as necessary. We are often asked for ad-hoc reports for a variety of reasons and we never charge for these requests. A client portal can be opened up to you if interested so you can access any report on demand. To date, this has not been of interest because we are so timely with our ad-hoc reports.

GRASP Technologies

GRASP Technologies - This is an additional reporting tool we use when applicable for tracking vendor usage.

Back Office


TravCom - This technology houses all travel for years and we can request details as needed and to update/modify if roll up companies are reassigned to a new group to help clean up the data.


Vonage VoIP for Business

Vonage VoIP for Business - Our phone system is set up with numerous features and settings. CLIENT can have an exclusive toll-free number that is directed to a group queue of just CLIENT agents. The calls are set up to ring on an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) tier level. We have a dashboard to see all extensions that shows who is on the phone, with the phone number of who they are talking to and if they are available or on Do Not Disturb. We can see how many CLIENT calls are in and how many are on hold and for how long. We have robust reporting for all call handling.

Trillian IM

Trillian IM - This is a subscription-based business instant messaging system. It allows our agents to communicate real time to each other for our travelers’ benefit. An example is while taking a call the agent needs to forward to another agent who currently is on the phone. They will IM that agent to find out if the caller should hold if they will be available shortly or if they should be called back. Or, they reach out to the group for expert input on a specific topic that they are consulting with a traveler.

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