Secured Traveler Profile

To create or to update a profile with LXR Travel please click on the “PORTAL LOGIN” button at the top right corner of our webpage.

Next, click on “Register for account” and follow the prompts.

If you do not have a company issued email address, please email to request portal access. Once approved by your company administrator you will be sent access to register for an account.

After enrolling in the portal, please also create a Tripcase account by going to and register for an account using the same email address as you will receive your travel itineraries from LXR Travel. Once an account is created in Tripcase, you can download the Tripcase mobile app to have your travel itineraries digitally and on-demand as needed.


  1. How do I update/create my profile once I am logged into the portal?
    1. “Click” on “MY PROFILE” and your profile page and profile tabs will show in a new window.

      Form Download

    2. Your Profile page is now ready to complete/edit. If you already have a profile, please look through each of the tabs to double check that all information is correct. The tabs we’ve circled in RED below are important for you to check. There are new required fields that must be completed if they are not already filled in. You will find them marked. If you are completing a new profile, please click and enter on each tab to fill in your information. When done, click ’SAVE’ located at the bottom of each tab. A pop-up will then appear saying ’Saved Successfully’ and you must click ’OK’ to continue.

      Form Download

  2. What is available to me in the portal?
    1. Agency contact information.
    2. A listing of your unused tickets for your reference. Note - A listing of your past, current and future trips are available to you in your TripCase mobile and desktop account. If you have not yet downloaded it, please do so at both online and at your app store. It is a free and extremely useful app. In TripCase you will also have access to past itineraries, invoices and ticket receipts.
    3. Announcements when applicable.
    4. Access to your profile by clicking MY PROFILE in the toolbar.
    5. If you are a travel arranger or admin, access to your linked travelers by using SEARCH.
    6. If your company uses an LXR hosted online booking tool you have easy access to your account to book online by clicking on the tool’s logo. You will be automatically logged into your account. NOTE – Profiles in the online booking tool have been turned off. Any profile updates must be made in the portal profile page so it will synch with all of our systems.
    7. Directions on how to download and use the online booking tool mobile app.
    8. Quick links to travel supplier loyalty programs for easy enrollment including those where your company may have a preferred supplier contract.
    9. FAQs and Documents that are applicable to travel and/or your company.
    10. Airline check-in websites.
    11. Travel Alerts to keep you aware for traveler safety

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