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To Us Business Travel is Personal

We Enhance the digital world with personalized service door-to-door and then some.

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Empowering and helping our travelers find their passions to get the best Return on Life®

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Our people make the difference and set us apart from others in the industry. We believe that travel is not a commodity but rather a client’s need for professional services.


Each of our travel experts ensure the safety, well-being and relationship building collaboration on each trip. They become a personal assistant to help comply with policy, control costs and manage risks while delivering the greatest traveler satisfaction before, during and post trip door-to-door. We provide VIP service without the VIP price.


We do not operate on a call center environment and designate a team of highly experienced agents, comprising of domestic and international experts, to each client. From the team, travelers and arrangers often gravitate to one or two agents that become “their agent”. They quickly become familiar with every traveler preference. Even when a traveler chooses to book through our online booking tool, they retain the confidence that someone they know and trust has their back throughout their travels.


Our agents each have decades of industry experience and in addition must possess the following attributes – great attitudes, passion, integrity, dedication, be ferocious traveler advocates and always keep up with the changes in the industry. As a result, our continued growth is in large part due to traveler referrals.

I continue to use Becky and LXR travel, because I know I will get great service with accurate results.

Gordon B.


We have no “sales” people. We have experienced and knowledgeable account managers who excel in meeting with potential clients to discuss their specific corporate travel management needs. In today’s environment travel programs involve not only procurement but human resources, risk management, cyber-security, legal and executive input and collaboration. With all of these departments working together our clients truly enjoy best-in-class travel programs. Should the potential client determine that LXR Travel is a perfect fit, they will continue working with the account manager that began the approach and who will monitor the client program during its entire tenure with LXR Travel.

The formula is:


Analyze current program


Define goals


Develop a plan


Implement strategy


Deliver positive results

When making my business travel arrangements, LXR has gone above and beyond to exceed my expectations.

Chris C.


Human interaction remains the vital ingredient that business travelers and clients are ultimately looking for. Technology enhances this partnership. It is imperative that robust technologies are integrated into every phase of travel management and that every feature of those technologies are maximized for the benefit of all. We break down our integrated technologies into Reservations, Risk Management, Mid Office/Reporting, Back Office and Communications.

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I am a very frequent traveler and LXR Travel has provided me with the most amazing, courteous, and punctual service with each and every reservation that they handle for me.

Mike P.

Why LXR Travel?

We believe you take travel to heart and we share in your appreciation for travel by passing along a bit of our personal insider knowledge. Our services go beyond that of a typical travel agency because of our experience and expertise. In addition, we bring you specific, additional advantages:

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